Name£º Zheng, Yukun
Gender£º Male
Age Burned£º 21 year-old
Check-in Date£º Feb. 22, 1993
Check-out Date£º Mar. 24, 1993
LOS£º 30 days
Chief Doctor£º Ye, Zhenwu
Hospital£º Dandong Railway Hospital

Burn Assessment as Admission
TBSA£º 98%%
Burns Depth£º Superficial second degree burn 40%, deep second degree burn 58%
Complication£º Hypovolemic shock (in early stage)
Cause of Injury£º Hot water (70-80¡æ)

Treatment with MEBT/MEBO

6¡«7 days for superficial second degree burns and 25¡«26 days for deep second degree burns

No scars or dysfunction, there were some hyperpigmentation in a few areas.

Time:1, 3 and 6 years
Excellent, no scars or dysfunction. The patient now is married, lives and works as a normal person.


Before Treatment

After Treatment With MEBT/MEBO