Name£º Tang, Shuiying
Gender£º Female
Age Burned£º 28 year-old
Check-in Date£º Aug. 2, 2001
Check-out Date£º Sep. 18, 2001
LOS£º 46 days
Chief Doctor£º Yao, Shihong and Zeng, Biao
Hospital£º Yichun City People Hospital of Jiangxi

Burn Assessment as Admission
TBSA£º 92%%
Burns Depth£º Superficial second degree burn 7%, deep second degree burn 55%, third degree burn 30%
Complication£º Moderate respiratory tract injury
Cause of Injury£º Power explosion

Treatment with MEBT/MEBO
Healing Time:6 days for superficial second degree burns, 20 days for deep second degree burns and 40 days for third degree burns.
Complication(s) during Treatment:Shock, stress ulcer bleed
Complications were well controlled by Lanatoside C, transfusion and hemostasis together with other systemic treatment.

There are a few soft scars on belly, armpit without dysfunction

Time:3 months, 8 months


Before Treatment

After Treatment With MEBT/MEBO