Name£º Huang, Xianlong
Gender£º Male
Age Burned£º 20 year-old
Check-in Date£º Jan. 1, 2003
Check-out Date£º Feb. 13, 2003
LOS£º 43 days
Chief Doctor£º Pan, Qinxin
Hospital£º Liuyang Hospital of Chinese Medicine, Hunan Province

Burn Assessment as Admission
TBSA£º 90%%
Burns Depth£º Superficial second degree burn 20%, deep second degree burn 30%, superficial third degree burn 30%, deep third degree burn 10%.
Complication£º Moderate inhalation injury
Cause of Injury£º Nitre flames

Treatment with MEBT/MEBO
Healing Time:7 days for superficial second degree burns, 15 days for deep second degree burns, 26 days for superficial third degree burns and 43 days for deep third degree burns.
Complication(s) during Treatment:
Septicemia and multi-organs failure
Apply antibiotics, Lanatoside C, diuresis mixture, organs multifunction protection and systemic treatment. Complications were well controlled.

There were a few scars on deep degree third degree burn surfaces without dysfunction.

Time:1 year
No dysfunction.


Before Treatment

After Treatment With MEBT/MEBO