Name£º Huang Fuyuan
Gender£º Male
Age Burned£º 60
Check-in Date£º 28 Oct, 2010
Check-out Date£º 22 Feb, 2011
LOS£º 117 days
Chief Doctor£º LUO Yan-bin, CHENG Peng, HE Ren-liang
Hospital£º Huangpu People¡¯s Hospital of Zhongshan City

Burn Assessment as Admission
Burns Depth£º N/A
Complication£º none
Cause of Injury£º 1. Stenosis and blocking of right popliteal and posterior tibial artery; 2. Gangrene at the front end of right foot; 3. Diabetes of II type and diabetic foot;

Treatment with MEBT/MEBO
After admission, control the glucose level, blood pressure and wound infection. MEBO gauze to manage the wound topically. on 17 Nov. 2010, perform the debridement to remove the necrotic tissues and the amputation surgery on the front part of the right foot apply the exposed method and MEBO gauze externally. Infection was managed by anti-biotics based on the bacterial culture of the secretion and drug sensitivity test. On 17 Dec. 2010, perform the micro-skin planting for the right foot ulcer by taking the skin from the right thigh when the granulation and the surrounding skin well grew. And a few skin pieces on the wound grew into skin islands to reduce the wound size. On 18 Jan. 2011, perform the free intermediate split-thickness graft on the right foot by taking the skin from the right thigh. Manage the wound with MEBO gauze after the operation. 117 days later, the foot wound healed completely with the normal walking function. During the follow-up, the wound healed excellent with the normal walking ability.




Before Treatment

After Treatment With MEBT/MEBO