Name£º Ding, Zhaoxiang
Gender£º Male
Age Burned£º 25 year-old
Check-in Date£º
Check-out Date£º
LOS£º 41 days
Chief Doctor£º Duan, Yanfang
Hospital£º Yichang Hospital of Chinese Medicine, Hubei Province

Burn Assessment as Admission
TBSA£º 85%%
Burns Depth£º Deep second degree burn 50%, third degree burn 35%
Complication£º Hypovolemic shock
Cause of Injury£º Hot alkali

Treatment with MEBT/MEBO
25 days for superficial second degree burns and 40 days for third degree burns.

A few thin superficial scars on third degree burns without dysfunction

Time:1 year
Excellent, the patient has a normal life now.


Before Treatment

After Treatment With MEBT/MEBO