1. Preface
    • 2010/10/12 16:05:05


    Burns Regenerative Medicine and Therapy (BRT&MEBT/MEBO, BRT refers to Burns Regenerative Therapy, MEBT/MEBO refers to Moist Exposed Burns Technique/Moist Exposed Burns Ointment), as one part of Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science [1] is invented by Chinese life scientist, Professor Rongxiang Xu Complying with the life principle it is an innovative technique and method for burn treatment. It consists of two key techniques that one discharges the liquefied necrosis of skin without any further damages, and the other activates human regenerative instinct, creates a favorable environment for regeneration and realizes the skin regeneration and healing in situ.
    Briefly, the main mechanism is: Activate and induce Potential Regenerative Cells (PRCs) into stem cells in the deep burn wounds and then cultivate stem cells in situ and realize the regeneration of skin-the largest organ of human in situ. When skin tissue is damaged, the regenerative instinct of the human body can be started up through BRT&MEBT/MEBO which can create a favorable physiological environment for skin regeneration. Under the condition of maintaining and running the normal activities of human body, instruction to repair the damaged tissue is instinctively sent through information exchange of the human body. When MEBO has created all the necessary micro-environment for regeneration, the human body cells can achieve the cultivation of stem cells in situ, further differentiate to different tissue stem cells, then the proliferated cells of different tissue link together to form different tissues, and finally different tissues link together to form a new organ or repair the damaged organ, in accordance with the human body regeneration instruction. By that, the regeneration of skin in situ is realized. This medical treatment takes the burn pathogenesis as the start point and complies with the life regeneration principle. A brand new and independent medical system for treating burns, from local treatment to systematically general treatment, is well established.
    Clinically, Burns Regenerative Medicine and Therapy is also quite different from the conventional skin-grafting treatment as follows: the way of thinking and concept of BRT about burns treatment,  the unique characteristics and positive actions of MEBO on the wound, the key points of MEBT in local and systematic treatment of burn patients, as well as the superior clinical results of BRT&MEBT/MEBO in burns treatment to the conventional method including the effective pains relief, infection control and prevention, stopping of progressive necrosis and promotion of physiological wound healing.    
    In the process of promoting this new science and techniques by training activities and clinical applications, scientists and clinicians often propose some questions. On this concern, we collected and edited these questions into Frequently Asked Questions and Answers of Burns Regenerative Medicine and Therapy, in hope of providing some reference for them and anyone who is interested in this science and technique.
    Due to the time, collection and answers of the clinical questions may not be comprehensive. Readers understanding and advice are much appreciated.
    Editorial Team of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers of Burns Regenerative Medicine and Therapy
    Nov. 3rd, 2009