1. 3.15. Brochure of MEBO Wound Ointment
    • 2010/10/27 11:07:33
    [Name] MEBO Wound Ointment
    [Composition] Radix Scutellariae, Cortex Phellodendri Chinensis, Rhizoma Coptidis, Beeswax, and Sesami oil
    [Product Description] Light yellow-brown ointment with sesame oil smell
    [Pharmacological Action] Clear away heat and toxic materials, subside swellings, relieve pains and promote granulation; analgesic, anti-inflammation, anti-infection, ulcer-management, liquefying and removing necrotic skin tissues without causing further injury, physiological regeneration and repair of skin, promoting the wound healing, mitigating injuries and lessening scar formation.
    [Direction for Use] For external use only. Directly apply MEBO ointment onto the burn or scald wounds to a thickness less than 1mm every 4-6 hours. Remove the residual ointment and exudation before medicine renewal. The wound should be exposed.
    [Period of healing] For patients with 1% TBSA(Total Burn Surface Area), the drug consumption amount for each application is about 10 grams, so the day consumption amount is about 40 grams (1 tube) for patients changing dressing for 4 times. For patients with TBSA10%, the consumption amount is about 20 tubes. For patients with TBSA between 10% and 30%, the amount is about 60 tubes. For patients with TBSA between 30% and 50%, the amount is about 250 tubes. For patients with TBSA larger than 50%, the amount is more than 500 tubes. The healing time for first degree burn is about 2 to 3 days. For superficial second degree burn, the healing time is about 7 days. For deep second degree burn, the healing time is about 20 days. For superficial third degree burn, the healing time is about 50 days. For deep third degree burn, the healing time is about 70 days.
    [Contraindication] Those hypersensitive to sesame oil
    [Precautions] 1. Patients suffering larger burn surface areas and developing systemic disease must be treated by the doctors of in the hospital with experiences of MEBT.
    2. Repeated squeezing and crashing may soften and thin the ointment, especially in summer, which will not affect its therapeutic efficacy. When it occurs, soak the screwed-tube in boiling water for several minutes and then stand to cool, its dosage form will return to normal.
    [Specification] 40 g per tube
    [Storage] Store the ointment in a cool place
    [Package] Aluminum-plastic compound tube
    [Shelf Life] 3 years