1. 3.14. How does MEBO Anti-itch Cream solve the itching problem?
    • 2010/10/27 11:07:06
    It is discovered that the mechanism of itching is as follow: Due to the damage, injury, aging, degeneration, hypoxia, slow-growth or other reasons, the growth rate of Shawann nucleus is too slow to surround the nerve endings, which are exposed to and irritated by the external/internal environment. Thus itching is caused.
    MEBO Anti-itch Cream can solve this problem. Firstly, the mechanism of Action: The external media that can promote Shawann cells regeneration and maitain the functions contained in this cream will culture the Shawann cells at nerve endings, so that the Shawann cells can surround and protect the exposed nerve endings to control and remove the source of itching.
    Secondly, the character of the product: The NSC contained in MEBO Anti-itch Cream is composed of botanic living tissue liquid that has identical osmotic pressure with that of skin tissue liquid and of botanical oil that has full nutritional function and also of polysaccharide, fat, protein, amino acid, vitamin, electrolyte and microelement. First of all, the cactus plant living tissue and tissue liquid supply physiologically identical osmosis environment for nerve ending so as to prevent itching caused by exogenous irritation. And then, NSC as the exogenous cell regeneration nutrition supplies all the nutritions needed by Schwann cell regeneration.