1. 3.11. How does MEBO SCAReducer work to remove scars?
    • 2010/10/27 11:05:41
    MEBO SCAReducer is originally developed from MEBOs Regenerative Medicine, having, Patented structure frame base not only protects skin but also improves the absorbance of nutrition. The skin can not only be moistened, but also breath under this product.
    In normal skin, the ratio of collagen-I and collagen-III is stable; while in injured skin, this balance is broken. This is the main reason for scar formation. In MEBO SCAReducer, unique life cell substance Cell Control Component (CCC) can regulate this ratio by inhibiting the overhyperplasia of fibrocyte and regulating the ratio of , and collagens;
    Simultaneously, special life regeneration nutrients provide abundant nutrition to meet the demands of skin physiological regeneration and promote the proliferation of PRCs and epidermal stem cells. Thus, by transforming the PRCs and epidermal stem cells to form normal epidermis, the ratio of epidermis and fibrocyte is correct so that to prevent or relieve scar formation.
    Besides, the nutritional ingredients in it can strengthen skins ability of anti-oxidation that neutralizes free radicals, protect and nourish skin nerve endings, improve local microcirculatory and metabolism, as well as enhance moisture capability and elasticity.