1. 3.9. What is the specification of MEBO and is it possible to produce large-dosed package of MEBO?
    • 2010/10/27 11:04:43
    The currently available specification of MEBO is 20g/tube, 40g/tube, 75g/tube which is determined by the unique frame structure dosage form of MEBO. The larger-dosed package may have some unfavorable effects on the stability of the active components. Moreover, the large-dosed package of MEBO may have the concern of oil-beeswax separation, which is unfavorable for the stability of the dosage form as well as the establishment of physiologically moist environment, and the change of the dosage form may negatively affect the drainage process of the necrosis on the wound and the nutrients exchange, thus weaken the therapeutic efficacy of the ointment.