1. 3.4. What is the patented dosage form of MEBO and what is its property and effect?
    • 2010/10/27 10:56:46
    The dosage form of MEBO is composed by sesame oil (extraction) and beeswax in the way the sesame oil is embedded into only 19?diameter cells of the frame structure crystallized by beeswax to form sponge-like frame structure when the oil and beeswax are mixed in certain ratio and prepared in certain temperature with certain techniques.
    MEBO appears as general ointment usually; any stirring, shocking and heating can cause the frame structure collapsed, then the oil released. As a result, the ointment shall turn into oil like one. The oil like one shall be returned into ointment like again when oil like one is heated and then cooled naturally at room temperature.
    At the wound site, the dynamic dual property plays a unique breath-like dual function. Applied with MEBO at less than 1mm, the wound is covered with the frame structure. At the higher temperature of the burn wound, The frame structure melts, then collapses at warmer wound site while the out layer is kept in complete frame structure at the room temperature so that the oil extraction is released while the wound is isolated by the ointment.
    The released oil extraction penetrates into the tissues and surrounds the necrotic tissues. Under the bio-chemical reactions (see Q5, Part3), necrotic tissues is liquefied while the wound is supplied with botanic drug composition and nutrition required by cell, tissue and skin regeneration.
    Liquefied necrotic tissue with wound metabolite/excreta (called liquefied products) loses lipotropy of original oil, then is rejected by the wound tissues to the wound surface, while the accumulated products with a little higher temperature shall continually melt the frame that makes the oil extraction released into wound site continually. The forgoing processing shall not be stopped until all the liquefied products are completely rejected and drained out of the MEBO ointment surface.
    Upon the process is completed, the surface of MEBO turns into ointment again to isolate the wound. The total processing is just like skin-breath metabolic function which plays dual role on the local wound as follows:
    The dual role of breath-like function is to re-establish barrier to protect the wound from water loss and any attack outside, and simultaneously to drain exudation and metabolite out timely and smoothly with continually supplying the medicine/nutrition. As a result, a) the wound with MEBO is kept from great water loss and kept physiologically moist, but not macerated; b) the necrotic tissues are removed, but no secondary injury due to excision; c) the micro-environment provided by frame structure for cell/tissue regeneration is isolated from outside attack, but the dynamic physiological metabolism environment (medicine/nutrition supply and metabolite drainage) is kept simultaneously. d) the risk of infection is greatly reduced because of unhindered drainage of liquefied necrotic tissues, exudation and metabolites of the wound, but micro-environment favorable of regeneration is still kept.