1. 2.5.1. Why is it necessary to continue applying MEBO for 10-15 days after burns wound healed by MEBT/MEBO?
    • 2010/10/25 15:45:34
    In early stage of burns wound healed with MEBT/MEBO,  newly-regenerated skin has not restored its normal function completely, i.e. epidermal tissue needs further physiologic adjustment and metabolism, sebaceous gland needs going through the course of metabolic compensation, excretory tube of sweat gland is still blocked and function of skin chromocytes can not meet the requirement of normal skin. Therefore, MEBO should be applied continuously as skincare cream for 10-15 days in this stage. For deep burns wound, MEBO SCAReducer is recommended for 1-3 months after healing, in order to accelerate the restoration of skin function.