1. 2.4.5. Can the extensive burns patient have foodintake and what kind of food is favorable?
    • 2010/10/25 15:26:48
    The major source of energy ingested by the burns patient is gastrointestinal nutrition. Foodintake in small amount in early stage is in favor of the restoration of the gastrointestinal functions, while reduces the bacterial translocation in intestinal. Therefore, liquid diet is necessary for the burns patient after the stabilization or at the end of the shock stage. The attempt can begin with small amount of warm boiled water or light salt brine, and then broth, dashi or rice-water is provided if no abnormality occurs in the patient at the first step. Finally, the semifluid and soft diet takes the substitution gradually. The diet should be light, digestive and diversified, consisting mainly of high protein, high vitamin and high calorie with the principle of manipulus but multiple intake.