1. 2.3.8. Can MEBO be applied to dental ulcer and alimentary canal burns?
    • 2010/10/25 15:16:04
    Yes. MEBO is composed of dozens of traditional Chinese medicine, nutritive materials and life regenerative nutrient substances, free of chemical toxins or hormones, thus is safe for oral administration. In addition, it has remarkable effects of alleviating pain, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, eliminating necrosis and promoting tissue regeneration, controlling infection, nourishing and protecting alimentary tract mucosa and promoting regenerative reparation of injured mucosa. Therefore, it is applicable to dental ulcer and alimentary canal burns.
    There are a number of Clinical reports on the application of MEBO in treating dental ulcer and alimentary canal burns: Xia De Lin, et al. [60] reported that MEBO was applied to treat 5 cases of esophagus burns. After MEBO was applied by oral administration once every 2 hours and 15-20g for each time, all the 5 patients were cured with notable alleviation of symptoms including pain, mucosal bleeding, hydropsia and ulcers. The average healing duration is 20 days without esophagus stegnosis in the follow-up after half a year post treatment. Yan Xin Lin[61] reported that MEBO was applied to treat 2 cases of upper alimentary canal burns, and all the patients were cured after the application of MEBO for 12 days. During the treatment, a total amount of 1300g MEBO had been swallowed by each patient without diarrhoea or other complaint. No scar or functional impairment was observed by the gastroscopy 3 months post treatment. Another 5 cases of upper alimentary canal burns by costic soda had been treated with MEBO; with 2 cases receiving incision of trachea due to manifest intumesce in gula. After MEBO was applied by oral administration once every 4 hours and 10-20g for each time, remarkable alleviation was achieved in symptoms including dyspnea, retrosternal pain, epigastric muscle intension and local tenderness. Pathological changes in perioral skin and dental mucosa healed and left the hospical after treatment for 7-10 and 15-25 days respectively. Meanwhile, it is shown by the result that no adverse reaction has been found after the successive administration of MEBO by adults for 10 days with 100g per day. During the follow-up half a year and 3 years after the treatment by barium meal examination, 4 cases are normal, 1 case with light esophagus stegnosis but almost normal appetite. (Hu Yifang [62])
    Above all, based on the large number of reports on the administration of MEBO in large amount for treating dental and upper alimentary canal burns, no toxic or adverse reaction has been found till now, due to the natural component including natural plants extractive, amino acids, polysaccharides, vitamins and regenerative nutrient substances, which means MEBO is an ideal nutritive medium  favorable for the growth of tissue and cells. Moreover, MEBO has no harmful chemicals or toxins, thus is safe and effective when applied to treat all kinds of dental and alimentary canal injuries by oral administration.