1. 2.3.6. Can MEBO cause infection when applied on sterile operative incision?
    • 2010/10/25 15:14:44
    MEBO is burns wound drug manufactured following the specification of Chinese Pharmacopeia, with the manufacture, processing, transportation and storage performed strictly by the national standard. With the rigorous germicidal treatment, the drug is aseptic, and of course will not cause infection on the sterile operative incision. Conversely, MEBO has anti-infection effect when applied on sterile operative incision. Moreover, it also has the functions of haemostasis, pain alleviation, drainage, nutrition supplement and promotion of operative incision healing.  The clinical effect of MEBO for dressing change of the operative incision was compared with that of the routine drug (iodine tincture, alcohol) for dressing change by Zhao Yue Min, et al.[59]. The result showed that all the 36 cases of MEBO group healed spontaneously with the healing duration of 2 days, which is less than that in the control group; obvious scars were observed in 8 cases out of 32 cases in control group; one case of infection occurred in MEBO group while 5 cases in control group; good effect of odynolysis was achieved in MEBO group without allergy or contact dermatitis with 3 pigmentation cases ; pain aggravation during dress changing were found in 15 cases with 11 cases of contact dermatitis and 18 cases of pigmentation in control group. They concluded that MEBO has remarkable effects of odynolysis with less suffering during dress changing, anti-infection and short healing duration without scar formation or with slight scar pigmentation, low toxicity and well tolerated by the patients, and thus deserves generalization in clinic.