1. 2.3.5. Whether MEBO is effective in treating skin lesion and how to grasp specific methods?
    • 2010/10/25 15:13:47
    Mechanism of MEBT for treating burn, summed by traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, is to promote granulation by removing necrosis, i.e. to remove damaged and necrotic epithelial tissues to inoculate newly-grown skin for wound repair. And that mechanism is also applied to skin and mucosa injuries caused by various etiological factors, such as bed sore caused by compression and ulcer of skin surface of the bone-pustute part of the patient lying in bed for years with long-term course of disease, chronic inferior extremity skin ulcer and ecthyma caused by varicose saphenous vein and blood circulation obstruction, incurable diabetes skin ulcer or diabetes foot due to inferior extremities and feet infection of diabetes patients, and chronic medullitis fistula and sinus tract caused by severe trauma and open fracture.
    One common character shared by all the chronic skin ulcer is long period of invasion with incurable open wound. By physical examination, ulcers of different depths can be observed with poor blood circulation and ring-shaped fibrous tissue in the surrounding. Wound base is pale or grows into aging granulation, the surrounding skin curling inwardly to form inversely-hung skin edge. All these pathogenic changes are the factors hindering ulcer healing.
    Method is to apply MEBO on the wound with a thickness of 2-3 mm, dress the wound with dressing and change dressing twice per day. When necrotic tissue and fibrous lamina surrounding wounds are emolliated by MEBO after 3 days application, eliminate necrotic tissue and exudation with surgical knife or scissors to refresh the wounds. Continue to apply MEBO with a thickness of 2 mm twice per day every time after elimination of necrosis and exudation. The wound improves notably after continuous treatment for 10-15 days. Continue to apply MEBO once per day or dressing method if lacking condition of exposed treatment until wound healing. In addition, diabetes ulcer should be treated carefully by physician to control blood and urine glucose and regulate diet, or healing of chronic ulcer will not get on smoothly. When treating skin surface ulcer of the patient lying in bed for a long time with poor constitution and extreme emaciation, much attention should also be paid to the treatment of primary disease and diet regulation to supplement nutrition and enhance plasma protein level, supplying nutrition and materials and avoiding recompression. Complex therapy is requisition for ulcer obturation healing.