1. 2.3.4. Is it necessary to sterilize the abraded wounds treated with MEBO?
    • 2010/10/25 15:12:44
    Since abraded wounds lose the isolating and protecting functions of the cuticular layer, leaving tissue cells in the deep layer exposed to the surroundings, and the tissue cells will be denaturalized and necrotic when contact with disinfectant, thus aggravate the local wound injury. Therefore, sterilization of the abraded wound is not recommended. MEBO can be applied directly on the wound without severe contamination, in order to reduce stimulation to the wound, alleviate pains, improve microcirculation, save parabiotic tissue and promote healing. Normal saline can be used to rinse the severely contaminated wounds, which is then dried by dipping and also MEBO application according to the standard clinical specification of MEBT/MEBO in burns wound treatment.