1. 2.3.3. Can MEBT/MEBO cause osteomyelitis when applied on the denudate bone wound after drilling?
    • 2010/10/25 15:12:04
    In the late stage of clinical treatment of deep burns, hot crush injury, contusion and avulsion of skin soft tissue, there is always bone nudity, which is tough to treat. Humby skin flap transfer or transplantation and reparation of liberation flap are the most applied method to repair the traumatic bone nudity in early stage. Because of the condition limitation in early stage, non-thorough clearance of necrosis and postoperative infection, the former two repairing operations often fail, protracting the course of disease. In addition, there are other disadvantages such as the severe injury caused by the operation, high requirement of the equipment, complicated performance and long duration of the surgery, hindering the generalization of the methods in basic level hospitals. Another method was afterwards attempted by many clinical doctors through drilling holes on the denudate cortical bone, on which MEBT/MEBO was then applied to cultivate granulation and promote the growth of epithelial tissue, finally realizing the regenerative healing of the denudate bone wound. And no case of osteomyelitis was found in the relevant clinical reports. For example, 77 cases of bone nudity in various types have been reported cured by application of MEBT/MEBO with or without the technique of cortical bone perforation by Su Yongtao[55], Guo Haiquan[56], Liu Wenli[57] and Liu Minghua et. al. [58] The wounds with large areas among the cases were performed with free flap transplantation to block the wound after the denudate bone wounds were covered by granulation. All the cases were cured within 4-9 weeks with most of the motor functions recovered without obvious scar hyperplasia or complications such as osteomyelitis, sinuses and chronic ulcers. Therefore, MEBT/MEBO will not cause osteomyelitis when applied on the denudate cortical bone wound after perforation provided standard application of MEBT/MEBO is performed strictly while the wound is kept clean with smooth drainage.