1. 2.3.2. What are the matters needing attention in treating broken finger by regenerative medicine?
    • 2010/10/25 15:11:35
    Regeneration of broken finger in early stage can be achieved by MEBT/MEBO. However, the standard application of MEBT/MEBO should be followed strictly during wound treatment in order to realize regeneration. Special attention should be paid to several cautions as follows: (1)Iodine tincture, alcohol and other strong oxidant & protein clotting agents are forbidden in wound treatment; Normal saline can only be used to rinse the severely contaminated wounds. (2) Only perform the simplest debridement to reserve the residual tissues as much as possible (including some of possible necrosis); (3) foreign matters for haemostasis such as thrum and bone wax should be removed in 48 hours post injury.