1. 2.3.1. Can MEBT/MEBO be applied to treat haemorrhoids, anal fissure and perianal abscess?
    • 2010/10/25 15:06:22
    Yes. Burns refers to the summation of all types of wounds and ulcers, each type of which corresponds with the pathogenic rule of burns and requires treatment of anti-inflammation and regenerative restoration. Therefore, MEBO has an ideal effect on body surface wounds and ulcers such as haemorrhoids, bedsores and wound infection.
    Haemorrhoids, anal fissure and perianal abscess are the common diseases in the department of anal haemorrhoids and fistula. Presently the major method for haemorrhoids treatment is still surgical excision. In order to relieve sufferings, prevent infection and promote reparation of the patients post haemorrhoids excision, MEBT/MEBO has been applied clinically to treat the surgical wounds by most patients and doctors and notable results have been achieved. For example, MEBT/MEBO has been successfully applied to cure 31 cases of wounds caused by haemorrhoids excision, all of them healed with the average healing duration shortened by 7 days.  (Sun Qing Cheng et al. [50]) Remarkable effects such as analgesia, anti-infection and wound healing promotion have been achieved by MEBT/MEBO in treating 28 cases and 78 cases of wounds caused by perianal abscess excision by Ge Xiu Feng[51] and Zhao Baoshuai [52] respectively. Huang Guo Lin et al.[53] has applied MEBO successfully in treating 42 cases of anal fissure with the results of the obliteration of symptoms such as anal pains and hemorrhage. The healing duration of anal fissure ulcers for I and II stage is 6-12 days with the average of 8 days; the healing duration of anal fissure wounds for III stage is 0-18 days with the average of 14 days. All the cases were cured totally at one time without copracrasia, infection or scar formation, and also no recurrence has been found during the follow-up. Another 188 cases of acute anal fissure patients were divided into two group by Dong Yong Zhong et al[54], i.e. Group A (MEBO Group) and Group B, which were treated with MEBO and anal fissure ointment respectively. The healing duration of Group A is 92.75 days and that of Group B is 123.85 days with a cure rate of 97.87% and 89.36% respectively. There is a significant difference when examined by chi-square test (P<0.05). As a result, they concluded that the method of the integration of systemic treatment and MEBO application on anal fissure has a scientific theory, reliable effects and simple & convenient performance, thus deserving generalization in clinic.