1. 2.2.17. Is there any infection in treating burn wound with the application of MEBT/MEBO and how to treat it?
    • 2010/10/25 15:02:26
    Though MEBO has the effect of inection control, infection may still occur on the burn wound during treatment. There are two reasons for infection: i poor systemic condition of burn patient with severe malnutrition, negative nitrogen balance or serious combined injury (bone fracture, aeropleura, internal organs trauma, etc.) and complication (shock, inhalant injury, etc); ii incorrect wound treatment without standardized moist medical technique
    There are three kinds of manifestations of wound infection: i There are redness, swelling, heat and pain on the normal skin around the burn wound; ii Secretion of wound is tofukasu-like rotten and necrotic with malodor; iii There is hemorrhage of necrotic skin in the shape of patch or pot on the wound. The former three symptoms indicate the infection on the burn wound. Take notice of the change in temperature, pulse, breath, and other physical signs (body temperature above 39.5C or stable). Besides, infection can be confirmed by saturation of leukocyte above 20.0 /L or below 4.0 /L, increased number of neutrophil, toxic granulation in kytoplasm and decreased saturation of thrombocyte below 100 /L. Treatment: Clear necrosis and liquefaction on the wound surgically in time, and clean the wound by hydropathic compress with 1 of bromogeramine gauze. Dry the wound with gauze and apply MEBO on it. During the redressing, Close examination should be made on the deep layer of wound, especially easily-compressed and deep-vein-puncture part and incision and drainage should be performed timely once infection or abscess is observed there. Ii is also necessary to adapt systemic anti-infection drug and supportive therapy (infusion of fresh whole blood, albumin, etc) according to the condition. Normal procedure of redressing can restart after the amelioration of burn wound.