1. 2.2.13. Can MEBT/MEBO be applied to transform the dry burns wound or chronic traumatic wound treated originally from the conventional dry therapy and How to transform?
    • 2010/10/25 14:59:59
    Yes, MEBT/MEBO can be applied to substitute the conventional therapy in order to promote tissue regeneration and reparation of the wound. In transformation of dry wound of extensive burns with MEBT/MEBO, the following principles should be followed in addition to the standard application of MEBT/MEBO in treating burns wound. (1) Judge the condition of the patient correctly, and give an effective systemic treatment; (2) wound treatment is the key step, which requires the principle of transforming the wound from a small area to large area step by step; (3) treat fever and increase of the WBC quantity correctly and with proper method; (4) Protect and restore the functions of organs.
    To sum up, the treating method can certainly be changed, but it is the transformation of the concept held by clinical doctors that counts more.