1. 2.2.12. Is it infection that abundant flavous excretion is observed on the wound and how to discriminate the normal liquefaction from wound infection?
    • 2010/10/25 14:59:21
    Generally, the flavous or creamcolored excretion on the wound is normal phenomenon of necrosis liquefaction when standard application of MEBT/MEBO is performed for treatment. Differentiation can be made between liquefaction and invasive infection from the following aspects: (1)the mental status of the patient (good or poor); (2)character and odour of the excretion (The normal liquefied matters are fine and smooth and even without or with slight odour.); (3)the appearance of the wound edge (The wound in normal liquefaction shows no inflammation phenomenon such as flare and thermalgia in the peripheral wound.); (4)body temperature (The body temperature of the wound in normal liquefaction ranges between 37桫38.5); (5) quantity of WBC in peripheral blood (The quantity of WBC is 8.01.6109/L for normal liquefaction without toxic granulations.); (6) wound bacteria culture and hemoculture (The wound bacteria culture could be negative result in the normal liquefaction wound though the hemoculture may present positive result.).