1. 2.2.11. Why there are small blisters on the wound with ulcers and itching, even erythra on the peripheral normal skin after the application of MEBO and How to treat it?
    • 2010/10/25 14:58:36
    It is likely to be the symptom of anaphylaxis, which requires antidiastole to estimate the patient is sensitive to MEBO after excluding other possible symptoms, such as antibiotic allergy, food allergy, air allergy and infusion reaction, etc. Once it is diagnosed as MEBO anaphylaxis, MEBO should be taken out of service and rinse the wound with normal saline followed by hydropathic compress of Dexamethasone and Gentamicin, and the symptom will eliminate after 2-3 days. For severe condition, antihistamine drugs by oral administration or Dexamethasone by i.v. should be applied for treatment.