1. 2.2.10. How to treat the thick and hard eschar of deep burns wound in slow liquefaction?
    • 2010/10/25 14:56:51
    Generally, for deep burns wound treated with tension relieving cultivation and eschar attenuation in early stage, the process of liquefaction and discharge of the necrosis starts in 3-5 days after MEBT/MEBO treatment. The pachy and stout eschar of deep burns wound in slow liquefaction often occurs in the wound which is transformed from the dry treatment to MEBT/MEBO treatment in early stage. Such wound also requires necessary cultivation or eschar attenuation in clinic. The method is to scrape the necrosis by 2/3 C 3/4 of the whole necrosis layer, and then handle the wound according to MEBT/MEBO criterion. There will be liquefaction and drainage of necrotic tissues on wound soon after handling.