1. 2.2.4. Are there any other methods to treat wound except exposed method in the application of MEBT/MEBO and which is the favorable one?
    • 2010/10/25 11:35:52
    The full name of MEBT is Moist Exposed Burns Therapy. If there can create an ideal environmental temperature (28桫32) and humidity (>60%), exposed or semi-exposed method is the best, which is more convenient to observe the liquefaction and drainage of the necrosis on the wound.
    While bandaging can also be used when the condition is limited, or burns wound area is small, or the patient is uncooperative etc.
    Method: Clean the wound with dry gauze, and smear MEBO on the wound for 2-3mm;cover the wound with 1-2 layers of MEBO gauze; then put on cotton dressings wrapped with bandage (2-3cm); and change the dressing 1-2 times a day.