1. 2.2.1. What should be paid attention to during local treatment of burn by MEBT?
    • 2010/10/25 11:33:40
    For middle and small area burn and scald wound, the treatment can be operated in common wards. For small area burn, the treatment can also be operated in family. But the important thing is: the room should be clean with suitable temperature (above 26 degree) and the humidity of above 60%. Wound becoming dry and forming scabs should be prevented.
    The following rules should be obeyed strictly:
    First: the early application of medicine. The optimum time is within 12 hours after burn. The purpose is to rescue the tissues in the stasis zone to prevent progressive necrosis and to ensure curative effect.
    Second: the drug should be applied in the whole course of the treatment without interruption: No other drug or treatment should be used to replace it in the whole course of treatment. Dry therapy and astringent drugs are forbidden. Antiseptic agent is not allowed to apply directly on the wounds. Dont use water to wash the wounds.
    The detailed operation procedure: smear MEBO onto the burn wound with the thickness of about 1 mm using a tongue depressor following the direction of fine hair growth direction. The medicine should be changed every 4 hours. Before redressing, the secretion on the wound should be removed using sterile tissue or gauze. For blisters on the wound, the liquid in it should be removed and the wall of the blister should be kept. Three to five days later, the wall of the blister should be removed and MEBO should be smeared onto the wound immediately in order to prevent the exposure in air. For deep second degree burn, the necrotic layer will be liquefied after 5 days. The liquefied matter should be removed in time. Three No should be obeyed during redressing, which are: no pain, no bleeding, no damage to healthy tissues. MEBO is continued to be used after the necrotic tissues are drained completely. A transparent fibrous isolation membrane will form on the wound. The integrity of this membrane must be kept or the healing of the wound will be delayed and scars will form.
    For small wound not feasible to be exposed treating, MEBO can be smeared onto the wound with the thickness of 2-3 mm. Then the wound can be decompressed bandaged using sterile cotton dressing. The dressing should be changed every 12 hours. The bandaging method doesnt conflict with exposed therapy, because the meaning of exposed is: the wound is exposed in the moist environment formed by MEBO, but not in the air.
    For third degree burn eschar, incision and tension relieving method is a must.