1. 2.1.8. Is antibiotic needed for MEBT/MEBO treatment and How to use if necessary?
    • 2010/10/25 10:47:33
    Generally, systemic anti-infection treatment is not performed in burns with TBSA within 30% and wounds slightly contaminated in clinic; while the routine prophylactic anti-infection treatment is needed for burns with TBSA more than 30% (>10% for children). 
    Principle: Early-stage application, full dosage, high performance, broad spectrum, low toxicity and short-term.
    In other words, extensive burns should be treated by one or more broad-spectrum and high-performance antibiotics without or with low toxicity to the kidney. Extensive deep II degree burns should be treated by the aforementioned drugs for five days, while extensive III degree burns for 7 or 10 days. The antibiotics should be taken out immediately after the stabilization of the patients condition. For infection in the later course of disease, sensitive antibiotics can be applied for one more time based on the former principle and the culture result of bacteria on the wound or in the blood.