1. 2.1.6. How to protect organ functions with BRT&MEBT/MEBO in extensive burns treatment?
    • 2010/10/25 10:46:17
    Cardiac strengthening and cardiac function protection: routine cardiotonic such as cedilanid should be administrated after admitted with the dosage and frequency modified according to the heart rate changes and the peripheral circulation.     
    Prevention and protection of the renal functionsroutinely apply mistura diuretica to improve renal blood circulation and relieve microvascular vasospasm of the renal parenchyma as early as possible.   
    Protection of the digestive system functions and prevention of the stress ulcer: Food intake in early stage for nutrition supply through gastrointestinal tract should be combined with gastric mucosa protectant and acid inhibition agent.  
    Maintain body fluid equilibrium: The basic transfusion volume of the burns patient with TBSA over 50 should be 2 times higher than the physiologically required volume everyday, and the volume should be adjusted according to the changes of urinary volume and the adjusting range should be less than 10% of the total volume. 
    Maintain thermoregulation balance: There are a lot of factors that may influence the temperature of the patient, therefore, the reason for the temperature changes should be judged and corresponding treatment is also required in order to insure the normal body metabolism.
    Principle of the protective treatment of multi-organs: After the wound develops into liquefaction stage, all the organs of the body are undergoing functional restoration stage. Therefore, a secondary damage to the organs should be avoided during that period of time in order to establish a normal environment for functional restoration. The principles are as followinga) All the drugs that may be disadvantage for or do damage to the heart, kidney, liver and digestive system should be taken out of service; b) All the drugs that may be disadvantage for protein synthesis should be taken out or forbidden; c) Insure the Calories supply and reduce catabolismd) Increase protective drugs and nutritional agents that can protect all the organs.