1. 1.21. Is MEBO a kind of anti-biotic? If not, how can it prevent and control infection?
    • 2010/10/15 10:42:57
    MEBO is not an anti-biotic. Its effect of infection prevention and controlling is achieved by the property of MEBO combined with MEBT to achieve two approaches to non-bactericidal bio-control of bacteria as well as drainage and discharge of necrotic tissue on the basis of no secondary injury on viable residue and keeping favorable environment of healing and regeneration. The mechanism is as follows:
    (1) It controls infection by maintaining expedite drainage of wounds. This is achieved by changing dressings every 4 to 6 hours, immediately removing and cleaning up liquefied necrotic tissues in deep wounds to achieve selfCdrainage effect of MEBO on wounds. Moreover, the immediate application of Ploughing Method, Necrotic Tissue Thinning method to remove necrotic tissues should be performed in time. Meanwhile viable tissues should not be damaged, thus decreases the absorption of necrotic tissues and toxins and reduces the occurrence of sepsis[27-29].
    (2) The infection controlling on burns wound is accomplished by bio-control of bacteria and toxins. The laboratory research and clinical practices revealed that in the micro-environment formed by MEBO, non-genetic heteromorphosis could occur in bacteria, the metabolism and propagation rate slows down, the quantities decreased. Furthermore, the bacteria toxicities decreased as well. It could also prevent the invasion of other bacteria effectively[30-34].
    (3) A great deal of lipid ingredients contained in MEBO provide the nutrients and energy sources for skin regeneration, especially for the synthesis of cell membrane. These ingredients do not only save topical agonal cells (See Q18, Part1), but also provide nutrients and energies for proliferation of skin stem cells and local activities of immunological cells after they were absorbed into blood. The palinesthesia of agonal cells and cells newly regenerated could reconstruct a tissue barrier to prevent from the invasion of microbes and swallow necrotic tissues and bacteria[27-29].
    (4) The pharmacologically active ingredient in MEBO, could exert anti-inflammation effect similar to glucocorticoid after being absorbed into blood. Therefore decrease the morbidity rate of SIRS (systemic inflammatory response syndrome) and increase the non-specific immunity of the organism (See Q19, Part1), thus to prevent the infection[27-29].
    While, to be emphasized here, the anti-infection effect of MEBT/MEBO only signifies that it is unnecessary to apply antibiotics locally, but not mean to totally abandon the principle of applying antibiotics systemically. Systemic antibiotics application should be carried out according to different clinical conditions, and emphasize on the principle of early, high performance, low toxicity and short-term application (See Q1.6, Part 2).
    The basic and clinical study on the anti-infection effect of MEBO is listed in reference [27-38]