1. 1.18. What is agonal tissue in burns wound and how to save it?
    • 2010/10/15 10:42:09
    Different pathological changes in three zones will occur in the skin tissue on deep burns wounds, i.e. necrosis zone on the burns wound surface, and stasis zone and hyperemia zone in the deep layer of the skin tissue (necrosis zone---stasis zone---hyperemia zone from the external to the internal respectively); superficial burns has only two damaged pathological zones, i.e. necrosis zone externally and hyperemia zone in the deep internally without stasis zone in between. A deep burns wound can produce a stasis zone between the necrosis zone and hyperemia zone, which causes subcutaneous micro-circulation disturbance with blood flow stasis. Tissue of the stasis zone is termed as agonal tissue in medicine. The agonal tissue can be retrieved by proper treatment with the prompt application of MEBO after burns. Some active components in MEBO can permeate into the deep layer of the burns wound, where the skin tissue is invigorated and the micro-circulation is cleared out simultaneously, thus restore the agonal tissue with normal structure and function.