1. 1.16. How are the necrotic tissues eliminated from the burns wound without secondary injury?
    • 2010/10/15 10:41:33

    The necrotic tissues are eliminated from the burns wound through two methods, i.e. undamaged mechanical clearance and necrotic tissue liquefaction by MEBTMEBO.

    (1) Mechanical clearance method includes undamaged skin ploughing and tension relieving operation, crust thinning and necrotic tissue annihilating, etc. Following the operation principle: that no pain, no bleeding, no dryness and no damage to the normal tissue[16].


    (2) Necrotic tissue liquefaction method means with the effect of MEBO, a series of bio-chemical reactions are induced such as hydrolysis, enzymolysis, rancidity, saponification, lipofaction and esterification, during which the solid necrotic tissues are transformed into fluid form and discharged from the wound without damage. (See Q5, Part3)