1. 1.15. How is the favorable micro-environment for skin regeneration created by MEBT/MEBO?
    • 2010/10/15 10:41:19

    1) 19?(angstrom) diameter of cell of the frame-structure of MEBO is a micro-space favorable for the display of MEBOs effect for cell regeneration;

    2) The wound is isolated from outside environment by the frame structure; besides, a transparent thin membrane (FIM) (see Q12-13, Part1) resulted from the reaction of MEBO with fibrin exuded from wound so as to benefit the cell/tissue regeneration and to protect wound as well ;

    3) The wound is kept in dynamic physiological metabolism by supplying botanic and animal ingredients/ nutrition and draining exudation, metabolite/excrete out timely.


    As a result, skin regeneration in the micro-environment shall be not interrupted for dehydration, maceration and necrosis of cell are avoided.