1. 1.14. What is a physiological moist environment and why can MEBT/MEBO create such an environment?
    • 2010/10/15 10:41:05

    Physiological moist environment refers to a kind of physiological environment with the same pH value, colloid osmotic pressure and crystal osmotic pressure as the interstitial fluid, i.e. a physiological environment favorable for cell growth. 


    The physiological moist environment is created by MEBT/MEBO through the following aspects:

    (1)MEBO is composed of 30 natural nutrients such as protein, amino acids, polysaccharides and microelements which are concocted according to the standard ratio of interstitial fluid so that the consistent pH value, colloid osmotic pressure and crystal osmotic pressure are obtained. 


    (2) When the wounds were protected by MEBO & fibrous isolation membrane (FIM) (see Q12-13, Part1), the evaporation of the water in the burns wound tissue is approximately the same as that of the normal skin. This membrane protects the injured wounds and helps wound respiration. This is quite different from dry therapy and vaseline treatment; there are a lot of data to show that the burns wounds neither lose so much water as treated with dry therapy and the tissues nor suffocated and macerated as treated with Vaseline [11-15].


    (3) Standard application of MEBT/MEBO to eliminate the excessive exudation, burns toxin, bacteria and liquefied necrotic tissues timely from the burns wound, keeping the wound clean throughout the treatment;


    (4) After the thorough removal of necrotic tissues from the deep burns wound, it forms a FIM on the wound with the same characteristics and functions as semi-permeable" membrane, enabling the exchanges of all compositions by ion contraflow. The metabolites of the wound can be excreted to the ectosexine of the membrane by osmosis. Through the same mechanism, MEBO regenerative nutrient substances can permeate the membrane to provide nutrition to tissue cells in the deep layer of the wound, so that a physiologically moist environment is created.