1. 1.11. What method did you use to identify and detect Keratin 19 positive stem cells in the burns wound?
    • 2010/10/15 9:10:20

    Keratin 19 stem cells are primary skin stem cells. It is usually considered that the positive expression of K-19 can only be detected in the skin tissue during the period of embryonic development. However, our study has found that the expression of K-19 skin stem cells can be found in the wound of patients in the process of skin regenerative therapy. After the deep burns wound was treated with MEBT/MEBO for 24h, 4d, 7d, 14d, 21d and 28 d respectively, incision biopsy in the wound for ultra-low- temperature fixation and immunofluorescence treatment, and K-19 positive cells were identified with high multiple electronmicroscope. This type of cells appeared in 24th hour, reached its peak in 14th day after MEBT/MEBO treatment, and then disappeared gradually with the wound recuperation after 21-28 days. The positive expression of K-19 cells is the mark of the embryonic physiological healing of all layers of the skin, and reveals the main mechanism of skin tissue organ regeneration technique.


    See papers listed as supporting literatures in reference [7-10].