1. 1.10. What is the mechanism of BRT&MEBT/MEBO technique (BRT&MEBT
    • 2010/10/15 9:09:24
    BRT&MEBT/MEBO has such therapeutic effects in clinical burns treatment such as pain alleviation, prevention of progressive damage, prevention and controlling of infection, wound healing promotion and skin regeneration in situ & scarless healing of deep II degree and superficial III degree burns wound. 
    Under the role of MEBOs ingredients of medicine/nutrition associated with patented dosage form (see Q4, Part3) frame structure having breath-like function at wound, focusing the burns pathogenesis, MEBO has the following pharmacological effects.
    1.       Skin regeneration via cytokeratin19 positive skin stem cells; (see Q11, Part1)
    2.       Appropriate culture condition of the regeneration via stem cells in situ---Moisture (see Q14, Part1), Nutrition (see Q3, Part3), Micro-environment (see Q15, Part1)-
    3.       Eliminating/preventing pathological course of local burn wound
    A Protecting wound to reduce capillaries leakage (water loss) and anti-shock [14-15] (see Q14, Part1)
    B Necrotic tissue removed without secondary injury on viable tissue (see Q16, Part1)
    C Stopping progressive necrosis (see Q17, Part1)
    D Anti-inflammation (see Q19, Part1)
    E Stopping the pain (see Q20, Part1)
    4.       Eliminating/preventing the factors resulting in secondary complication such as infection  (see Q21, Part1)
    5.       MEBT-Assurance of full playing MEBOs effects (see Q9, Part1)