1. 1.9. What is the technique of burnt skin regenerative restoration in situ?
    • 2010/10/15 9:09:05

    The technique of burns skin regeneration and recuperation in situ is also called Moist Exposed Burns TherapyMEBT, with Moist Exposed Burns Ointment MEBOas its special supporting drug. The technique of burns skin regeneration and recuperation in situ is usually abbreviated as MEBT/MEBOwhich includes two major aspects: One is the local treatment, i.e. the topical administration of MEBO on the burns wound to establish a physiological moist environment where burnt necrotic tissues are liquefied and discharged without any further damages; and PRCs in the deep layer of the wound are invigorated and induced into stem cells, which are then activated on the wound for further division, proliferation and differentiation in situ into the structure of normal skin tissues, realizing the skin organ regeneration and recuperation in situ; the other is systemic treatment, i.e. the whole set of systemic treatment such as cardiac and pulmonary function rescue and nutrition support should be combined in the extensive burns treatment.


    There are 8 key procedures in the technique of burns skin regeneration and reparation in situ:

    (1) Initiate and activate PRCs into stem cells;

    (2) Cultivation of stem cells;

    (3) Discharge the necrotic tissues by liquefaction without any further damages;

    (4) Apply tissue culture medium (MEBO);

    (5) Non-bactericidal control of bacterial and toxin infection;

    (6) Physiologically moist environment;

    (7) Micro-isolation of burns wound and endogenous supply of oxygen and nutrition;

    (8) Tissue combined to form organs.


    This technique has been successfully applied in clinic for over 20 years. Based on the initial statistics, over 40 million cases of tissue organ regeneration in situ have been achieved in clinic.