1. 1.2. What is the concept of Tissue Organ in the Science[1] and techniques?
    • 2010/10/15 8:48:42

    As is known to all that, cells form tissues, tissues form organs, and organs form body systems. While, this is only a crude definition; our studies indicate that there is an inter-stage structure between tissues and organs which can produce hormones, generate bio-signals and perform various functions. We call this inter-stage structure Tissue Organ. The term tissue or organ has been widely used in medicine; but here, it specially refers to the living functional tissue unit. In other words, tissue organ is the living functional tissue unit composed of one or more types of tissues, briefly named as tissue unit with vital function, which is used to differentiate from viscera organ.


    In the study of colony procreation and embryonic stem cells, people tend to colony a transplantable viscera organ in vitro to take place the damaged organ in human body. While in our study of tissue organ regeneration and replication in situ, we believe that any viscera organ is one part of the whole body and indivisible from the organism. Even though the colony of one single viscera organ is realized, the completely vital connection between the transplanted organ the human body is still questionable.


    Using the study of skin organ regeneration as an example: Skin regeneration is completed by the multi-tissue-organ regeneration together, not only refers to epidermal cell growth. Firstly, it starts with the regeneration of residual endings of the blood vessels and nerves connecting with other parts of the living body in the subcutaneous; then initiate the potential regenerative cells (PRCs) in the residual tissues to proliferate and differentiate into all kinds of cells, tissues and tissue organs; finally, form the complete functional skin organ together with all skin tissue organs form various sources. Based on the currently available data of human function study and tissue cells study, the entire human body was divided into 206 tissue organs, and the function of each tissue organ was determined organically to make it possible to control the tissue organ regeneration and replication according to the native law of body potential.


    To sum up, tissue organ is the functional tissue unit. In respect to the entire human life and structure, the human life activities are accomplished by the joint life functions of at least 206 tissue organs; from the respect of single viscera organ, the life and structure of each viscera organ are realized and constituted by multi-tissue-organ activities and structures.