Basic research

Culture Medium:In the search for the mechanism of regeneration and repair of burned skin, Professor Xu attributed such "miraculous" recoveries of thousands of deep burn victims to the power of stem cells induced form the patient's own body by his cocktail of natural ingredients, MEBO. According to him, MEBO serves as an exogenous tissue culture medium...more>>

Physiological Environment:Creation of an optimum environment for skin regeneration is the primary task in the research of skin regeneration technique. Without such environment, skin regeneration from residual viable cells in situ and stem cells is impossible. This is true no matter how advanced the regulation and control techniques of genes are, how sufficient the skin...more>>

Infection Control:Following a burn injury, the wound is a site with serious bacterial contamination and infection which is why in this regard the study of skin regeneration is beyond belief for most doctors and researchers. Therefore, control of the bacteria colonization and infection of burn wounds are emphasized, otherwise, any cells in situ or stem cells with the capacity...more>>
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