Professor Xu Rongxiang , is the President of the CBAIM, the inventor of Burns Regenerative Medicine and Therapy.

Dr. Xu earned his degree in Medical Science from Qingdao Medical University in 1982. Upon his graduation, he completed his thesis titled as "The Research on Pathology and Medicine Application of Local Burns" in which he made the introduction of his invention "Moist Exposed Burn Therapy / Moist Exposed Burn Ointment" (MEBT/MEBO) . Since then, he has been a surgeon and a researcher in Jinan3th Hospital of Shandong Province. In 1986, Dr. Xu founded his own institute - Beijing Guangming Chinese Medicine Institute for Burns, Wounds & Ulcers. In 1992, due to his outstanding contribution of saving burn victims, Dr. Xu received "The American Burns Victim Society Humanitarian Prize". Domestically, he was honored as "State Outstanding Contribution Scientist of China" by State Council and one of the first winners of "China Youth Science and Technology Creative Awards".

As a researcher in burn field, Dr. Xu put forward a moist therapy for burns, contrary to the conventional dry therapy. MEBT realizes its therapeutic actions with the coordination of MEBO. With this invention, four major difficulties in burn treatment including pain, infection, deep II-degree burns cured with scar and the progressive necrosis of burn tissues have been solved, which directly results in the enhancement of total cure rate for extensive deep burns (TBSA>90%) from 5.7% to 92%. So far, he holds more than 20 patents in US, Europe, Japan, and China. Each year, about 350,000 burn patients have been treated with this therapy all over China.

As a burn surgeon, Xu has rich experiences in clinical burn treatment. In 1990 when a gas explosion happened in Bangkok, Thailand, Dr. Xu was assigned by Chinese Government to treat the burn patients there with his MEBT/MEBO. His great success in saving burn patients won him good reputation, the King of Thailand highly praised his contribution as "the best doctors with best technique achieved best medical effects" In China, Xu organized a national medical first aid network involving 4500 hospitals, whose mission is to give emergency treatment to burn patients without delay across the country. Dr. Xu is the general supervisor of the network and also responsible for giving lectures and instructions to professional doctors.

After years of research along with the successful clinical practices, Dr. Xu and his team finally discovered the mechanism of this therapy: It is "Potential Regenerative Cells (PRCs)" and "Stem Cell" which works for skin organ regeneration after burns so that MEBT can effectively treat burns and heal skin. Henceforth, this significant discovery has advanced human stem cell research into the application field of organ duplication by PRCs and stem cell culturing in vivo and in situ.

Based on this theory and procedures, Dr. Xu and his team have made great progresses in this field recently. They successfully regenerated several other tissue organs in situ and / or in vitro from PRCs, such as gastrointestinal mucosa, pancreas tissue, marrow tissue organ, hair follicle, etc. That is another significant breakthrough in human regenerative medicine, which is subsequent to their achievements of repairing and regenerating skin with full function from cells in situ.

Dr. Xu is also responsible for a dozen organizations: director of China National Science & Technology Center for Burns, Wounds and Ulcers, chief editor of Chinese Journal of Burns, Wounds & Ulcer , chief director of National Burn Treatment Network, vice-chairman of Youth Federation of Central Government, vice-chairman of China National Association of Young Scientist, vice-president of Chinese Sciences Entrepreneur Association. Besides, he is member of organizations such as Standing Committee of All-China Youth Federation, International Society for Burn Injuries, etc.