Burn Depth

The depth of the burn significantly affects all subsequent clinical event. Traditionally, burns have been classified as first-, second- and third-degree, but the current emphasis on burn healing has led to classification as partial-thickness burns and full-thickness burns. The deeper the burn, the more severe it is.( Click the right figures to view larger versions)

The Objectives of Burn Management

Prevent mortality
Preserve function
Optimize cosmesis

The Difficulties of Burn Management

Progressive necrosis
Scar formation

Traditional Burn Management

Exposure method: The burn is left open to the air which allows to form a dry protective crust or eschar. The infection has to be controlled by antibiotics, and dehydration to be controlled by I.V. fluids.

Occlusion methods: The burn is covered by dressing that are thick and absorbent enough for exudate, which is lifted, infection will be easy to get in.

Scar Formation

Scar may be the end product of burn injury if treated inappropriately, which may cause residual dysfunction and discouragement, or even disablement in severe cases.